Can a Work-Life Balance Really Be Achieved?

Is having a work-life balance really a goal you can achieve or are we all just fooling ourselves? In the busy world of which we are all a part, it seems our goals have become a bit more ambitious primarily because having it all is something we’ve been raised to believe we can indeed achieve! For online entrepreneurs involved in the business of blogging this desire to maintain a healthy balance between our work and personal lives has become more an obsession due to the amount of time it takes to establish a blog! When you stop to realize most bloggers operate from their home, it becomes easier to understand why balancing their ‘work’ with their personal life has become such an issue! Imagine what it must be like to be constantly tempted to join family and/or friends as they enjoy themselves while you remain deeply immersed in creating content, promoting your site or simply doing routine maintenance! Whether it’s knowing what you’re missing or perhaps feeling a bit burnt-out from all the time you invest on your blog, the yearning for a better balance of work and play in your life is natural, but are your expectations realistic?

The following video does a damn good job of explaining how having it all, in terms of a pleasing personal and successful professional life, may not be realistic due to limitations NOBODY can avoid!


Although we would all probably like to achieve a better work-life balance in our busy lives there remains reasons to believe this is simply just not possible due to biological limitations! For entrepreneurs involved in the business of blogging this is especially true because bloggers must invest a good amount of time to get the results they want and they typically work alone! At one point, whether due to the feeling of isolation or perhaps simply spending too much time blogging, which can lead to burnout, many people start to yearn for a better balance in their lives! Having it all in terms of a successful work life and a fulfilling personal life may be something that continues to evade us due to basic biological limitations that affect us all! In the end, all we can do is our best to achieve a better balance in the lives we lead and understand that the same limitations that may hold you back are felt by just about everybody else as well! Besides, knowing your limitations will help you focus more on those areas of your life over which you have greater control and by doing so will bring you more satisfaction and success! Stay real…

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