Blog Posting – Does Publishing Post Dates Really Matter?

Does your blog posting ‘routine’ involve showing the dates of publication to your readers? This question has many bloggers questioning the need or importance of whether to display publication dates when you post to your blog! Both the pros and cons of dating your entries offer interesting and even compelling reasons why published dates can make or break a blog!

Let’s explore arguments both for and against dating your content when you post to your blog!

Is Removing the Dates from Your Blog Posts a Good Idea?

Over the past few years, however, more and more bloggers are opting to remove the dates from blog posts, so if you land on a single post/page, you have no idea when it was actually published. Here’s why some In this case, you‘re doing a disservice to your readers if the post doesn’t have a date on it. You also have to stay away from saying stuff like “recently” and “yesterday” in your posts, since readers will have no concept of what that was. Syed Balkhi wrote

Why You Should NOT Remove Dates from Your WordPress Blog Posts

A detailed analysis on why you should not remove dates from your blog posts, why published date is outdated and last updated date is the thing of today.

Should you put the date on your blog content?

Well, lately, I’ve been noticing a trend for Big Name Blogs (and some small ones) to have no dates on their blog content. Their content is still organized by date (it’s obviously a blog and you can go back through previous posts

This short video discusses why to remove the dates from blog posts!

There’s little question your blog posting, to be most effective and to keep your readers happy, should be done consistently! What is in question and the focus of our discussion above are the advantages/disadvantages associated with showing publication dates when you post to your blog! Being the arguments and/or reasoning presented above by both sides are equally strong, it seems that this decision should be a personal one! The single biggest factor you’ll always need to consider however is the preference of your readers! Having said that if people are already loyal to your site and traffic still flows, there seems to be little reason to ‘fix’ something that isn’t broke!

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