Being More Productive in 7 Simple Steps

Being more productive with each day, both personally and professionally, brings not only better results but a peace of mind as well! Now you can’t exactly expect to get more done with your time without being willing to work to complete tasks and/or achieve your goals! Having said that an obvious asset you’ll want to have is a high level of energy to carry out whatever it is your busy day presents to you!

Let’s now discuss 7 subtle lifestyle habits you can adopt that will give you a high level of energy thus allowing you to get more done with your day!

Plenty of Rest

Getting a good nights sleep is essential to having a productive day although some feel fatigue is NOT an issue for them! The days and nights of most people are filled with chores, appointments and other responsibilities that require a high level of energy! On the other hand, if you are not well rested, good luck trying to accomplish anything meaningful!

No Midnight Madness

Keep your work hours regimented and start early to take advantage of being fully rested from a full night sleep! This is more about maintaining a consistent schedule that uses normal ‘working hours’ to get more done and NOT allowing yourself to indulge in late night TV or midnight social media madness! How long will it take for you to realize you are NOT missing anything by retiring to bed at a more normal hour! Remember, the earlier you retire to bed, the easier it will be to awaken fully rested and ready to go!

Stay Focused

You must concentrate on YOUR immediate goals and stop saying yes when your assistance and/or involvement is requested! Being all things to all people sounds noble but is virtually impossible to do so just stay focused on what you’re trying to accomplish! Besides, do you really think the same people who ask for your assistance would be willing to drop everything to do the same for you?

Stick to ONE Task

Although multi-tasking tends to make you believe you’re being productive you’re really only disrupting your focus making your efforts less efficient! If you’re willing to work on multiple projects simultaneously than consider if you would how much better your results would be by focusing on just one thing at a time! In fact, the time you save by committing fewer errors you need to fix such as the case when multi-tasking is something you can use to be more productive or to simply enjoy as time off!

Keep It Real

Planning your day is recommended however do NOT overload your list of things to do because it will only keep you distracted! As admirable as it is that you are willing to work to get more done, loading your schedule with too much to do can lead to frustration by not being able to accomplish everything! Additionally leaving things uncompleted can also serve as a distraction that affects your focus making your efforts LESS efficient thus making your use of time wasteful! Be realistic with how you plan your day so you don’t find yourself rescheduling uncompleted tasks, another unproductive use of your time, every day!

Move Your Muscle

Exercise helps keep the body fit so it can perform the way it’s meant to and having the extra blood flow to your brain keeps you sharp and creative! The fact is daily exercise will give you a high level of energy you can use to get more done with your days or to simply enjoy a higher quality of life, not bad huh? Taking a walk, a short jog or anything else that will get your body moving is always beneficial, so just do it!

Take Breaks

OK who out there does NOT like taking breaks? Occasional breaks can help your creativity, rest your eyes and even give you a new perspective on things! By simply stepping away from what you’re doing you can also recharge your energy level thus allowing for your to get more done with the balance of your day! Some avoid taking breaks feeling their time is better spent focusing on the task at hand however, that is NOT the case! Breaks help you avoid fatigue and as a result allow you to work longer and with better focus, so be productive and take a break!

Being more productive typically begins with having a high energy level that gives you the stamina you need to get more done! The 7 simple lifestyle habits discussed above all serve to give you the energy and focus you need each and every day to keep your productivity at a high level! Remember however if you are NOT willing to work to get what you want, these lifestyle habits will do you little to no good!


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