Become a Better Writer in Just 5 Steps

Learning to become a better writer is an absolute must for anybody who uses the internet, and most especially when using it for business! Content marketing is a widely accepted and effective way of promoting any cause, product and/or business online! In order to get the most out of this strategy it often becomes necessary to improve your writing and of course this type of improvement typically comes from practice!

What we’re going to discuss today is the 5 simple steps involved when creating content for publication on the web so that you can better engage readers!

Choose Topic

The topic you choose to write about is HUGELY critical because if it’s not relevant or even current for that matter, it will draw little attention! Creating content can take a lot of time so you don’t want to waste your efforts on a topic that nobody cares about! Topic selection is the first step you will take when creating any type of content you intend for publication and/or distribution so focus on current trending issues within your niche!

Research Helps

It always helps to know what you’re talking about when you sit down to compose something you feel readers may have an interest in! As mentioned above topic selection is crucial when it comes to content marketing since the more popular the topic may be, the more likely people will read or view what you present them! Once you’ve determined your topic(s) your work has just begun! Research should now take over so that you can make sure the information you are circulating is up to date and accurate! One final note here is that although research can be tedious and even boring at times, don’t overlook the fact that the research you do can also uncover even more new ideas to write about!

What About The Outline

After selecting your topic and doing research you now need to collect your thoughts and give them direction in such a sequential manner that makes sense to readers! Establishing an outline will also make it easier for you to ‘record’ your thoughts into categories (sub-headings) according to the outline you’ve created! This definitely helps you to consolidated your thoughts during the creation process so that you appropriately place them within the overall context of what you’re composing so that once again it makes sense to those who view it! Having an outline like this is crucial and helps improve your writing simply because it makes it easier to remember the points you are trying to communicate!


Don’t be discouraged by the occasional ‘episode’ of writers block and just start writing, it may not be your best work but it will get you started! Another very important note here is to NOT concern yourself too much with things such as punctuation or spelling when initially ‘transferring’ your thoughts to words, this will only disrupt your train of thought! Concern yourself later with editing otherwise it will only slow down your progress, increase your frustration and even put you at ‘risk’ for omitting some very valuable points or information! Let your thoughts flow unimpeded!

Less is More

Above we spoke of initially focusing only on what you’re trying to compose, making sure you get all your thoughts recorded! Once this is completed it is now time to ‘circle back’ and edit your work to insure your grammar and punctuation are correct! This is also the time to trim the fat away from your initial rough draft by eliminating needless words and sentences! This is one of the best ways to improve your writing since using fewer words communicates your points more quickly while ‘relieving’ viewers of having to ‘filter’ through large blocks of text!

If you’re looking to become a better writer in order to help your content marketing efforts the 5 simple steps discussed above are a terrific start! Creating content can often times be a challenging task and especially for people who do NOT have a lot of experience doing so! The 5 step ‘blueprint’ presented above hopefully serves to simplify the process involved when preparing and presenting any type of information you want your readers to view! Learning to improve your writing is NOT overly complicated but as mentioned previously, is something that comes with practice! When organizing and preparing yourself to create something your readers will love to see, simply follow the 5 steps above, but to really fine tune your writing skills, practice will be required!


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