Achieving Your Potential – 5 Common Barriers to Overcome

Achieving success of any kind in life is a fulfilling feeling but by reaching your potential you have achieved the greatest success of all. Why is it then that so many people fall short of what they are capable? Sad but true is the fact that many go through life never achieving the personal success they yearn for. As easy as it would be to simply say a lack of motivation is the primary reason, this would NOT necessarily be the case.

Why is it then that so many fail to take the necessary actions that would lead to a fuller and more rewarding life on both a personal and professional level?

Here are 5 subtle and sometimes undetectable reasons as to why we fail to fully engage in our lives by not even pursuing our personal goals and objectives.


Whether it is the fear of the unknown, success or failure, fear has the ability to paralyze preventing us from acting in a logical or beneficial way. The fear, in some cases, could be something that has been instilled in us since childhood making it difficult to recognize since it has become ingrained in us over our time.

Remember, emotions are just that, and often they impede our ability to think clearly or intelligently.


One of the biggest stress factors known to man is change! Right or wrong we ‘wear’ our environments like a pair of old socks. The longer these environments or conditions maintain their existence in our lives the more ‘comfortable’ we become with them. One thing about familiarity is that we know what to expect.

It is not at all unusual for people to avoid or reject change even if it is for the better since it presents a new and ‘unfamiliar’ environment. As a result this reluctance can easily put a stop to any attempts at change.


Ignorance keeps many from achieving success although I could have just as easily said arrogance. It is not always what we know, but what we think we may know that can stop us in our tracks. The more people may ‘push’ change or suggestions upon us, the more we may tend to ‘fortify’ our current perspectives or beliefs even to the point of viewing these people with disdain.

Instilled Beliefs

Beliefs that have been reinforced in us over an extended period of time will be hard to change no matter how wrong these beliefs may be.

Many times the origin of these beliefs or attitudes may have been an ‘authority’ figures from our past. Like a family heirloom, these beliefs can be handed down over the years no matter how wrong or outdated they may be.


As the saying goes ‘money is the root of all evil’ and there is a lot to be said for that. Once money gets involved it almost affects us like an emotion since it often times handicaps our ability to reason logically.

Living in a society where collecting ‘things’ is a sign of personal success can really taint any person’s priorities. At this point it is easy to lose focus of your direction or previous good intentions. When all is said and done, you are left feeling empty and miserable.

Reaching your potential is one of the greatest successes you can achieve but sadly so many people fall short of this. Although achieving personal success would obviously be very gratifying, many people fail to even engage in the pursuit. As easy and logical as it would seem to blame this on a lack of motivation it is not always the case. Achieving success can come ONLY after pursuing particular goals and objectives, but certain barriers exist that inhibit people from this pursuit. The 5 subtle and undetectable reasons we discussed above are common ‘invisible’ barriers or obstacles that we need to first recognize in order to overcome them. By identifying these hindrances we will be better able to break through them and live the lives we were meant to live!


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