Achieving Goals by Avoiding 5 Common Mistakes 29

Achieving goals we set for ourselves is not always an easy task. Some people set goals that are not easily attainable by any standards and this is admirable. What we’re focusing on here are people that don’t reach goals they set due to a flaw in their action plans. A person’s mindset also plays a big role in pursuing goals and objectives. Generally there are already enough obstacles between you and your goals so make it more difficult by improper planning? By identifying those areas we unknowingly overlook we should be better prepared to successfully achieve our goals.

Here are 5 common mistakes we can make that can sabotage our efforts to achieve goals we’ve set for ourselves.

Defined Plan of Action โ€“ Road Map

Goal setting is great but it is not something that you can expect positive results from without establishing a plan. For every objective you pursue you must know how it is you are going to achieve it. Without a plan your goals are really nothing more than dreams.

Precise and Focused Actions

Approaching your goals in a ‘scattershot’ fashion is both a sloppy and ineffective way to successfully complete or pursue anything.

The plan you established to meet your goals should be a well thought out step by step process that will help you meet every objective to attain your goals. Every action you take should be a deliberate action as already pre-established in your plan. These actions will also be arranged in such an order so that each one will bring you that much closer to the end results you seek.

It is important that you maintain the order of your planned actions for you to gain the quickest results in the most efficient manner.

Identify Your Motivation

For everything you may ‘want’ there is always a reason for this want. The stronger it is you may want or desire something the more probable it is you’ll get it. Goals are no different insofar as the stronger your desire to reach your goals the likelier it will happen.

When you establish goals be clear as to why you’ve set them in the first place. By identifying your reasons they will serve as the motivation to keep your drive alive until your objectives have been met. If your want is not strong enough it’s likely the goals won’t be attained.

Lack of Positive Attitude

Why would anyone set a goal they didn’t think they could reach? Believe it or not it happens all the time. If you doubt yourself in your pursuit you are actually working AGAINST your own efforts to realize these objectives. If you believe or know you can be successful this alone will give you the resolve needed to make it happen.

Self doubt will only lead to the need for more effort and likely frustration and failure!

Lack of Experience

When I speak of experience here I’m not necessarily referring to the kind that yields successful results. Trial and error is one of the most effective ways to learn ANYTHING! It is not at all uncommon for many to try and fail a number of times before being successful at something. Do you remember learning to ride a bike?

Sometimes lacking this type of ‘learning’ experience makes it a little more difficult to reach our desired results. Often times knowing ‘what not to do’ is just as valuable as knowing how to do it!

Achieving goals is something to be admired and a rewarding accomplishment for anyone. Just as admirable is setting the goals and objectives in the first place. Careful attention however needs to be given to your own mindset and the necessary action plans you’ll need to reach goals that you set. If this important stage of your goal setting is overlooked you’re dooming yourself to failure before you even start.

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