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 People set goals all the time and this is good but the real measure of success is when you achieve your goals. You see the thing here is goal setting is very admirable but without an established plan you are just setting yourself up for failure.

When you first set your goals these targets should be something you have a burning desire to reach. When you motivate yourself in this way it helps you maintain the necessary drive you’ll need to successfully reach your goals. These goals should also be realistic and attainable to avoid any frustrations that may serve to de-motivate you from setting any future goals!

Here is a solid 5 step strategy to increase your success in achieving any goals you set:

Externalize Your Goals

Allow the goals and objectives you’ve set to be known by ‘supportive’ friends, family, neighbors, and even work associates. By going public with them you’ve now enlisted the support of people who will encourage you. Their casual but interested inquires about your progress will serve to increase your own self motivation. With this strengthened resolve you will more likely achieve goals you have set for yourself.

This strategy is a parallel to peer pressure and we all know how influential that can be.

Post Your Goals

A visual reminder of any goals you have set will serve to help you maintain the self motivation needed to continue your pursuit successfully.  As is often the case in our busy lives it can become easy to put aside or forget any planned objectives you may have set. Having a constant reminder will help keep your focus and avoid a growing lack of motivation.

Self Encouragement

Goals are simply dreams and will remain such until you reach them. By visualizing the accomplishment of any goals you have set you’re subconsciously reinforcing the REALITY of actually reaching them! This will tend to make the goals seem more a part of your life thereby seeming less daunting and more attainable.

Remember if you think you can, YOU CAN. If you think you can’t you’re right!

Associate with Like Minded People

By affiliating yourself with others who share the same or similar goals a bond or camaraderie develops. This also presents the opportunity to exchange thoughts and extend or receive encouragement. This is a wonderful way to get motivated and can serve to further strengthen your resolve.

Take the Necessary Action

Nothing is going to happen or be accomplished until you take action. The goals and objectives you’ve decided to pursue can only be reached by specific and measurable acts on your part. Napoleon Hill wrote a classic called “Think and Grow Rich’ whose title may be misleading to those who have not read the book. In no way does it imply that thoughts alone will help you achieve goals you may have set.

The willingness and ability to take the necessary actions to make your dreams reality is required. If this requirement goes unfulfilled so will your dreams!

In closing the ability for you to achieve your goals is greatly enhanced by implementing this simple 5 step strategy. You must first be sure when you set goals that they are realistic. From there surround yourself with people who are supportive and like minded to help you establish and maintain your drive. And in the end always remember that nothing happens unless you take action first!

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