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Hi my name is TJ Philpott and like many who got started online and have stayed with it I’ve spent much time learning from those who have succeeded before me. Over the last few years I’ve attended conventions, seminars, webinars, and read my fair share of training manuals. Along the way I also acquired the usual assortment of ‘bumps and bruises’ as you could imagine.Oct  20  2012

Realizing my learning would be a continual process it just made sense to pass on what I learned to you. My ‘message in a bottle’ so to speak.

Consider this blog as YOUR blog and a ‘depot’ for you to stop by and check out any new tips or tidbits I have collected along the way that may be useful to you in your journeys online.

My focus will primarily be on any new or existing online advertising methods that may increase the ease and effectiveness of your online marketing efforts. An emphasis however will also be placed on personal development due to the key role it plays in our success.

Of particular interest will be the utilization of various web 2.0 marketing strategies and other marketing ‘tools’ designed to streamline your efforts.. These areas will often be the subject of many conversations we will have here.

In addition I will be reviewing any changes and/or products that may effect or show promise in improving upon currently used techniques. My discussions will generally target those products or methods that can increase your efficiency while decreasing operating costs.

In the end it will all be about OUR effectiveness as online marketers and the popularity of those products or services that we represent.

Be sure to stop by again soon to see what new information I’ve posted that will hopefully help you improve and grow your blogging empire.

As always your comments and suggestions are encouraged, welcomed and appreciated!

To contact me directly please use: tj@blogbrawn.com

Goodbye for now!

I’ll see you inside! 🙂

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