7 Very Beneficial Reasons to Blog

There are many different reasons to blog, such as pursuing your passion, to make money or to simply have your voice heard online! Did you know however that besides using your blog to share your content so you can build a following of loyal readers that there are some less obvious advantages you can expect from your efforts? It’s true provided you are willing to learn and apply what your experiences as a blogger has taught you!

Here are 7 advantages from blogging that will also train and enrich you in ways you can use in other aspects of your life as well!

Improves Time Management Skills

Experienced bloggers know all too well there are many details they must tend to to keep their sites alive and thriving! For starters, creating content, perhaps THE single most important task involved in managing a blog, takes quite a bit of time! Most bloggers don’t just sit down and begin writing however simply because research is typically require to keep what you post fresh and relevant! Research is also required just to keep yourself current on changes in your niche, the blogging industry at large and any other changes pertaining to internet rules and regulations! Oh and did I mention traffic generation? The point is there is a lot to do to simply share your content on your blog so if you can’t manage your time efficiently, perhaps blogging is NOT for you!

Improves Writing Skills

If you intend to build a following on your blog you’ll need to do a LOT of writing since why else would anybody land on your site? Content creation, as mentioned above, is the cornerstone to any successful blog and yours will be NO different, so even if you only have average writing skills, after time these skills will improve! Along the way you’ll learn new techniques while mastering some old ones and all you’ll need to do is simply learn and apply what all your writing has taught you! Practice makes perfect or at least makes you much better…

Keeps Creativity Sharp

Earlier we spoke about creating something interesting for your readers to view and how this is essential to attracting people to your site! We also spoke about the role research plays in your writing efforts but in the end it’s how you pull it all together and present it visitors that makes your post stand out! The ‘angle’ you may take on a particular post or the way you use images, info-graphics, fonts, formats and even videos could be the difference between having a boring or very stimulating post! Tapping into your creative juices will help differentiate your content from others found online! In fact your own creativity is an asset you’ll be calling upon quite regularly to remain more than competitive with other bloggers! The bottom line here is the more you use your creativity the more it is likely to expand so don’t be afraid to be different but rather embrace it!

Educates You

Remember all that research you will be doing? Well if you don’t learn anything new during this process it is only because you weren’t paying attention! The purpose behind exploring for new information is so that when you do share your content it will contain useful and updated information but wait, you’re also educating yourself as well! Now you’re in possession of additional knowledge you can use in other aspects of your life or for more posts to your blog!

Platform for Content

Being that content has been dubbed ‘King” online, having a blogging platform is as close to being the ‘perfect’ platform upon which to display what YOU created! Sure you can share your content over countless social media sites or even article directories, and this is great for exposure! On the other hand when publishing content on YOUR own platform this leave no question as to who owns this intellectual property!

Boost Authority (YOURS)

When you learn and apply what you’ve learned in your blogging by sharing it with others you tend to be viewed as an authority in the field! Why is this important? Having authority gives you influence and being influential tends to attract others looking for advice, knowledge, tips and/or tricks they can learn and apply themselves! Additionally more folks will reach out to you to gain your support or endorsement because of the influence you have over others! This helps them to more effectively promote their goods and services to customers! This also makes it much easier for YOU to build a following….

Visitors Come to YOU

As opposed to sharing your content by visiting social media sites, sending out emails or press releases, traffic actually visits your site to view your updates! Oh course this is not something that happens right away but over time, and by consistently posting updates, current visitors tend to refer your site to others! Although this does NOT give you a ‘free pass’ when it comes to traffic generation, it DOES help you build a following and every little bit helps!

One of the most popular and obvious reasons to blog today is to make money but there are other, less talked about benefits as well! Although blogging platforms have proven to be a very effective way for you to share your content and build a following, there are also certain skill sets and disciplines you can develop such as those reviewed above! Now the ‘personal’ benefits we’ve spoken of here today are only something you’ll experience provided you’re willing to learn and apply what the ‘routine’ of blogging has taught you! The bottom line is the very act of blogging requires certain disciplines and skill sets which you’ll need to develop and BEST of all, they can be applied in many other areas of your life! Much like the content you’ve created for your site, you’re able to re-purpose many of the learned skills and disciplines blogging has helped you develop! You just gotta love that…


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