7 Reasons Small Business Blog Owners Love the Holidays

Getting a Fresh Perspective on Your BloggingIf you have a small business blog than the holidays are for you! Lets face it, the business of blogging takes time, effort and a lot of patience along with the fact you likely, in most cases, work alone and this can be grueling! On the other when the holidays roll around, family and friends seem to come out of the woodwork offering you plenty of opportunities for interacting with other people on a face to face basis! This is something every human being needs and is much more stimulating than forging digital relationships with folks you’ve just met from all around the world! Allowing yourself to indulge more in the ‘physical’ world with family and friends is also a great way to gain a fresh perspective on things considering the solitary nature of blogging itself!

Let’s now have a look at 7 reasons why you as a blogger should embrace the holidays!

Busier Social Schedule

No matter how much you may like to blog, who doesn’t enjoy time away from the old keyboard to actually interface with flesh and blood people? Interacting with other people such as old friends and relatives like we so often do during the holidays is a great way to gain a fresh perspective on things!

Great Season for Marketing

Tis the season for gift giving since people, unlike no other time of the year, are more inclined to open their hearts as well as their wallets! This creates very fertile grounds for marketers now that people are actually looking to make a purchase even without being exposed to the normal campaign of persistent sales pitches! There’s little doubt the holidays are a great time to be in the business of blogging!

Brain Storming Opportunities

As mentioned above your social schedule tends to be a lot fuller with family functions as well as other social activities! This is also a fantastic opportunity to discuss all kinds of current events and issues which can be a powerful source for new ideas and even directions you can take when creating something new to post on your site! Interacting with other folks like this is an excellent way to tune into what people are thinking and what concerns them!

Spirit of Goodwill

With all the goodwill in the air during the season of giving and sharing who wouldn’t benefit from the extra infusion of positivity into their attitude and/or outlook! As noted earlier the business of blogging can often create a feeling of isolation since you typically work alone therefore you must be highly motivated to continue your efforts! Well the power of positive thinking is one of the best sources of motivation you can tap into, besides it does both a body and mind good to possess a positive outlook!

Time for Tweaking

The holidays can also be used for making adjustments or tweaks to your blog or marketing strategy since online activity tends to slow down due to busy social schedules! The business of blogging involves a lot of time creating content and promoting what you post so any ‘break’ you can find to address other aspects of both your site and business should be taken advantage of!

More Time to Get SOCIAL on Social Media

While you may have ‘kicked back’ a bit from creating content there’s no reason not to engage others on social media using nothing other than your sparkling personality! This helps remind others you are a real person and interacting with other folks in this way tends to strengthen relationships and loyalties going forward! In a nut-shell you can do more socializing without bombarding others with your promotions which others will appreciate!

Restores Energy

By ‘allowing’ yourself a more casual work schedule due to the holidays you are also helping to recharge your energy levels thus avoiding the feeling of burnout many bloggers get when they don’t take breaks! Most importantly you’re able to reconnect with those around you who really matter which helps keep you grounded!

Does your small business blog tend to keep you out of the mainstream of the physical world due to all the time and energy you must invest? For the most part the business of blogging can be an existence that keeps you from, or at least minimizes, the opportunity for interacting with other human beings face to face! Although your dedication is to be admired, living a solitary existence like this is NOT healthy which is exactly why bloggers need to embrace the holidays! During this time of year family and friends come together MUCH more often in celebration which allows for more opportunities to socialize, exchange ideas and even gain a fresh perspective on things! As a blogger the benefits are a little more time away from the keyboard while both your body and mind enjoy a certain rejuvenation from the spirit in the air and the camaraderie of friends and family! Yes it is also a bit easier to make sales since people are usually more inclined to open both their hearts as well as their wallets this time of year! In the end however this is the perfect time for anyone who blogs to remind themselves why they do and to reintroduce themselves to those who matter most in their lives! Happy holidays to all!


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