7 Benefits of Writing A LOT

When working on the internet you’ll find yourself writing a lot due to emails, sales letters, blog post or content creation, like all the time! The importance of content can NOT be overlooked as a way to get traffic, grow credibility, gain exposure, blog or connecting with others through social media! It is important NOT to overlook how all this writing can help you to develop new skills or offer other advantages from which you’ll benefit in your everyday life! What we’re about to discuss here are ways writing can improve not only your ‘internet efforts’ but your life in general!

Read further to ‘realize’ 7 huge benefits you can expect to experience from all the time you spend writing as an internet entrepreneur!


Much of what people write about concerns issues, topics or dilemmas facing them but when they ‘talk’ it out by putting their thoughts into words it can be very therapeutic! Sharing your thoughts or concerns in this way is much like discussing it with others and it also helps when readers feel the same way you do! Sometimes we may be too bothered, confused or even lacking enough information to make sound decisions but since writing does involve research, answers are generally found! This is one of the ways writing can improve your mindset as well as your life, by articulating some of your deepest thoughts or finding solutions to nagging problems!


The more you concentrate on just one thing the better you become at maintaining your focus! Make no mistake, although the importance of content can NOT be emphasized enough when working online, it also can help us develop new skills or improve old ones that may have been neglected or underused! Since composing anything often calls for research, the better you focus the better (and faster) your researched findings will be and after that, you simply write about what you’ve found!

More Disciplined

One of the more obvious ways writing can improve your life in general is it takes lots discipline to sit down and compose any type of content! Once again, as mentioned above, to write about something involves a process of topic selection, research and articulating what you’ve found by use of the written word! To many that does NOT sound like something they could easily do when surrounded by so many other distractions that would be more fun and a lot less challenging! It clearly takes discipline and focus to write often and if you don’t have these 2 attributes, your literary efforts will FAIL, so remember, the next time you’re writing you’re also exercising discipline!


When people read what you wrote and comment on it, this feedback is invaluable because you want to know how your thoughts impact others! Additionally any constructive criticism will only serve to help you make any needed improvements or outright corrections! Whether it is your perspectives or ‘facts’ you adhere to, if others point out a flaw, this is a great way to further your education and increase your pool of knowledge!

More Articulate

The more you put your thoughts into words the easier it becomes and the better you are able to convey your thoughts, which is NOT always easy! Writing is really nothing more than speaking by using not your voice but words that can be read, coherently! This is NOT something, as mentioned above, that comes easy to many people however with plenty of practice, this skill can be acquired! Writing gives you that practice!

Problem Solving

When you write you’re taking thoughts or challenging issues and recording them so that now they are something physical you can look at! As you go through the process of recording your thoughts your focus (as mentioned above) is on only the subject of your composition! This is much like talking your problems ‘out’ with others, you end up seeing ‘things’ in a different perspective and more objectively! In many cases this allows you to better figure things out and solve things on your own! This occurs because you’re focusing on and doing research about ONLY this one thing and/or topic!

Discover Passion

Composing something can be very difficult if you have little or no interest in what you’re creating content on in the first place! On the other hand, when you have a genuine passion for something, your enthusiasm and interest makes writing so much easier therefore you’ll focus more time on the subject(s). In this way you are able to ‘stumble’ across topics which you’re passionate about thus revealing to you not only your biggest interests but also possible opportunities you may need to pursue! As they say, and don’t ask me who ‘they’ is, if you love your work than it’s NOT work!

Writing a lot, which is something you WILL be doing when working online can sometimes seem like drudgery but it does offer other benefits! As discussed above there are other ways writing can improve your life other than creating content for your online needs altho the importance of content can NOT be overstated for any internet entrepreneur! Not only are building cred and increasing exposure critical to your online ‘survival’ but understand this ‘drudgery’ also helps you develop new skills and ‘create’ advantages from which you can benefit! So next time you focus on creating something people want to see or read to enhance your online goals remember, your efforts will benefit you in other areas such as those discussed above!

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