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Article writing is one of the most effective ways online to generate ‘targeted’ traffic to your site. In fact article marketing also allows you to build credibility with the very people you may be promoting to. So taking it one step further it is safe to assume that the more you write articles the more credibility you gain and the more traffic you generate. Well along those lines there seems to be the development of a rather ‘problematic’ situation: How to write an article when you are out of ideas?

When you are actually writing articles you know your topic therefore you know what you want to say. But what do you do when you do not have a hot topic to write about?

Well since I know what my topic is here today, and that is having no topic, I am going to offer 5 tips on generating ideas for your article marketing efforts.

What is on Your Mind

Consider what is currently of interest to you insofar as what you have questions about or perhaps what phase of your business has captured your attention recently.

Writing about your own ongoing personal experiences can be very informative to your readers. Do not assume that what has caught your attention is something readers would also not experience. Sharing your insights and tips as to how you solve a problem or improved upon something would benefit readers and make for some interesting articles.

Questions ask at Forums

When visiting forums take note of some of the most frequently asked questions. If you have answers you can write some very interesting articles on the subject. If you are without answers to these questions then research it to be better informed yourself and base your articles on the results.

Blog Comments

If you blog you can use the comments left at your site in much the same way you use questions left in forums. Once again if you have the answers you can’ launch’ a series of articles to explain these solutions and if research is required use your results for the basis of your articles.

Don’t Forget About Newbie’s

Remember that there will always be people just starting out online in need of guidance in areas you may have long since forgot or deemed no longer important. Well these areas will always be important and challenging to newbie’s and therefore can be address in your articles. Targeting internet beginners with helpful content is a great way to build a loyal following.

Picking Up Where Old Articles Left Off

Go back and look at some of your older articles to see if you can place more of an emphasis on concepts that were not ‘fully’ explained. When writing articles about a rather large subject it is very easy to ‘dissect’ that subject further turning it into a series of articles.

Article writing is an online promotional strategy that anyone who may have a knack for it should employ. The benefits derived when you write articles that are published include building credibility and generating targeted traffic. A common problem that arises however is how to write an article when you are flat out of ideas. Well hopefully the 5 tips offered above will help you to quickly get back on track to writing articles of interest at the pace you desire.


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