5 Simple Ways to Repurpose Content

Looking for ways to repurpose content you’ve already created and published or posted on the internet? We all know how time consuming and labor intensive creating content can be so it only makes sense to get as much use out of it as possible! This is especially true if you’re using content for marketing your business because you’ll need lots of it for it to be effective! Today we’re going to explore 5 different ways in which you can share your content while also giving it a fresh new look so that you can get greater results from what you’ve already created! If this sounds good to you, let’s proceed…

Add Visuals

Simply adding visuals be they pictures or videos will bring life to an otherwise ‘plain’ piece of content! What this will ALSO bring is a renewed interest by your viewers to ‘old’ information by making it more ‘eye-popping’ which therefore increases its appeal! This fresh new look often times is all you need to generate interest because it conveys the message in a whole new and more entertaining way! It’s a fact, people absolutely love visuals!

Post on Social Media

Share your content across various social media platforms to ‘extend’ your viewing audience if you haven’t already! Using social sites for marketing your business or distributing content is a terrific way to get more eyes on what you’ve created! Members on these sites come from all parts of the internet so you can be sure your content is being viewed and shared by a broader cross-section of people and this increases the chances of it going viral!

Convert Text

Taking the text you have you can convert this to different formats such as video, info-graphics or even slide-shows to further engage viewers! This strategy is different from simply ‘adding’ visuals because now you’re delivering your message by using ONLY visuals without the ‘support’ of text! This not only gives your content a fresh new look but also makes it more appealing to a whole new audience while once again increasing its potential to go viral! Remember, people love visuals of all sorts!


You can also share your content by breaking it up into ‘bite-size’ segments and sending it to your list using email! Marketing your business using email campaigns has been a highly recommended strategy for years now and using content you’ve already created for other purposes simply makes sense, provided the information is relevant and/or useful! Now your list members can benefit from some really good information you’ve created while at the same time saving you the time and effort it takes to create something entirely new! Everybody wins…

Audit & Update

Sometimes all it takes to make good use of ‘old’ content is to simply update the information and publish or post it once again! This step will take a bit of research (don’t complain because you’ll likely learn something new) where you’ll need to check your ‘facts’ and update them where necessary! In most cases doing an audit will also help you determine whether your content can be ‘revived’ or should it be archived because both the topic and information found within are no longer relevant!

The 5 ways to repurpose content as reviewed above are intended to help you get more ‘mileage’ out of something you’ve already created! By discovering how to share your content in different ways that will give it a fresh new look, you are in fact using your time much more wisely so that you can focus your efforts in other areas! The long and short is simply this, the use of content has become a vital tactic for marketing your business therefore you’ll need to create a lot of it and frequently! In the end, learning how to use one piece of content for multiple purposes will improve your work efficiency while sparing you the time and effort it takes to create something new!


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