5 Factors That Make Your Writing Unique When Blogging

As a blogger, what makes your writing unique especially when your blog posts focus on topics that have already been written about? What we’re discussing here is how you express yourself is what makes your blog posts uniquely different regardless as to whether the topic has been discussed before by others! We all have different ways of expressing ourselves as well as different reasons as to why we may feel the way we do about the topic under discussion! The point is our writing styles are typically just like snow flakes insofar as to no two styles or snowflakes, are exactly alike! The way in which you make your point when discussing any topic is VERY unique and this is due to many reasons!

Here are 5 factors that have a significant impact on how you express yourself when blogging that make your blog posts uniquely different!

Personal Experience(s)

What you experience in life has a large impact on the development of your personality and the attitudes you hold! This is the foundation upon which you learn how to express yourself and you would be hard pressed to find anybody else who has shared the same exact experience! You are one of a kind and therefore what you say or write will reflect just how original you are! Just like a snowflake or a fingerprint you are original and this alone makes you interesting!

Unique Perspective(s)

The combination of your own personal experiences along with the environment in which you live produces perspectives that are uniquely yours! These perspectives serve to make your blog posts different from others who may be writing about the same exact topic! How you see and interpret matters will typically differ from what others may perceive when exposed to the same exact things and this is reflected in your writings! You deliver a different ‘slant’ to readers which if useful, will compel these people to follow you and even refer their friends!

Change(s) Over Time

SEO is a perfect example as to how topics may NOT change but rather how time changes the way some topics are viewed! Google has made several significant changes to their search engine algorithms which has completely changed how we view and use search engines! When addressing changes like these in your blog posts you now have several ‘variables’ you can use to make your post stand out! Discussing the changes, what is different, how it effects others and again, intermingling your own uniqueness as you make your point all serve to give what you wrote a different feel!


Lessons we learn from family, friends, work and just life often ‘trigger’ a certain insight-fullness we tend to use when ‘interpreting’ events! For example, accumulating information or knowledge about a certain subject matter may give you more insight into why things occur the way they do pertaining to that subject, but not everybody will use this information in the same way! Although we may all posses similar information, it is the difference in our own experiences and personality that will likely gives us insights that are uniquely our own!

Presentation Style(s)

Everybody typically has a different way of expressing themselves and writers are no exception! Some writers use humor, sarcasm, metaphors or even a ‘teaching’ tone when presenting their content which can also affect how readers absorb the material! How you express yourself is typically a reflection of your personality and how you communicate with others in person! Some readers may love how you make your point while others may not but remember, it is only those who ‘get’ you that you want to attract!

When blogging you want your writing unique so it stands out more and therefore attracts more people to view your blog posts! The common dilemma many bloggers encounter however is when the topic they have posted an update about have already been discussed, sometimes repeatedly, throughout the blogosphere! So what makes your post any different from other posts seen online covering the same exact topic? It is all in the way in how you express yourself, those personality quirks and life experiences unique only to you that gives your posts a different look and feel! Our discussion above focuses on 5 factors that have a significant impact on how you make your point be it on your blog post or simply in face to face conversations! Remember, your are UNIQUE so embrace that fact and use it to your advantage!


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