5 Damn Good Reasons to Blog

There are many good reasons to blog and one of the most obvious is this platform is a popular and effective one for marketing your business! Although your writing skills will only make your blogging efforts more successful, these skills are NOT necessary, at least when you first start out, however they can be easily acquired through practice! In most cases internet entrepreneurs use blogs as a means to build a following and develop relationships but in no way are these the only benefits bloggers can expect!

Following below is a discussion about 5 other damn good reasons and/or benefits you can expect once you begin blogging!

Content Platform

Today if you’re trying to gain the attention of others online, the most effective tactic people use is publishing content ‘tailored’ to attract a specific audience! Bloggers tend to enjoy a distinct advantage when it comes to content marketing because they have the perfect platform on which they can publish what they’ve created! Sure there are plenty of social sites you can use to post any content to, but when it comes to marketing your business it’s nice to have your OWN platform where you can make your own rules and policies!

Research Keeps You Current

Developing anything your visitors want to see when they land on your blogging platform requires continual research! Although research does take time it is well worth it in terms of keeping yourself and your readers ‘current’ on issues of interest to them! Another ‘take-away’ from constantly posting to your blog is that it also improves your writing skills, which is something anybody can benefit from for use in other areas of your business! Social media posting, sales copy or simply writing emails are just a few areas in which your writing skills will come in handy!

Establishing Thought Leadership

Thought leaders can be found all over social media sites and have established their ‘leadership’ roles by offering thought provoking content of all types! Having a ‘base’ site such as a blog to which you can link your social media activity to is another great advantage for bloggers! In fact your blog posts typically go into greater depth and detail about things of interest to your readers compared to social media posts that are typically short thus lacking detail! Once people follow a link back to your blog they discover, hopefully, a virtual wonderland of more information that interests them and giving you a better chance to build a following! It’s difficult to keep the attention of others when on social media because there are so many distractions, but once they hit your site these people are much more focused on JUST you!

Establishes Loyalty

When you consistently post updates to your blogging platform readers notice and respond by continually returning for more! At this point, provided what you post is of interest to visitors you are then able to build a following of loyal visitors who crave your content and are looking for more of the same! Remember, many of those who visit your site are also people you connect with on social media so it’s reasonable to assume they WILL recommend you to others thereby increasing your following!

List Building

As traffic increases on your blog it is wise to establish a way to capture the contact information of visitors! Having a list of contacts of people who have already shown an interest in what you publish or offer is strongly recommended for anybody who ‘works’ online! There is no ‘easier’ way for marketing your business on the web other than by having the ability to send out email messages directly to interested people! This allows for you to better build relationships and develop deeper loyalties among your list member and/or followers! Your blog is a perfect platform to build a list so take advantage and do so!

As mentioned previously, one of the most popular reasons to blog is because this particular platform is great for marketing your business! Additionally as a blogger, provided you maintain the site consistently, you can expect your writing skills to improve as well, but our focus above was on 5 lower profile yet invaluable benefits you can expect from blogging! For online business owners it is very important to build a following, but developing a respected and trustworthy reputation while continuing your ongoing education is of equal importance! Consider your blog to be the ‘Swiss army knife’ of your marketing tool box simply because it allows for you develop certain skills and a strong online presence! Remember one thing however, your blogging efforts will be more effective if your efforts are consistent!


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