5 Components of High Quality Content

5 Components of High Quality ContentHigh quality content is more about providing useful information in a way that’s entertaining, unique or otherwise resonates with viewers that engages them enough to stick around! The importance of content can’t be overstated when trying to build a business or develop a following on the internet! This is the ‘currency’ businesses use to be seen online and has proven to be a very effective way to get visitors to your site! Provided you are able to clearly deliver your message the people you attract will have a genuine interest in what you have to say or offer as long as what they see is relevant to what you do!

So to create something that will be viewed and get visitors to your site, or keep them from leaving, here are 5 critical components your content must have!

The Story

Making your point or enchanting viewers with your own (or someone else) experiences or story is a great way to engage others! What you have to say is always more interesting to others when they can appreciate or relate to the content they are viewing! Their ability to relate to what you say makes it easier for you to deliver your message!

Be Transparent

Being open or honest helps you to gain the trust of people who view what you published while not painting yourself into a corner with tall tales! One thing about the internet is that ‘news’ gets around, good or bad, and if you’re building a business based upon lies, it won’t take much for it to come crumbling down!

Be Personable and Get Personal

Circulating information of any type online always gets a much better response when you personalize it! What I mean by this is to ‘address’ viewers and acknowledge their wants, needs and difficulties which is exactly what copywriters tend to accomplish! The importance of content being more ‘personalized’ can not be overlooked because this is a very effective way to get noticed by viewers who have come across what you have published! Another way to personalize what you publish is to have it reflect YOUR beliefs or values so that viewers can better relate to where you are coming from and what you’re all about! Don’t be afraid to use your own ‘voice’ and say or convey things much in a way you would in any casual conversation since this also lends a certain uniqueness to what others view!

Bring the Goods (Quality)

Although publishing lots of information can certainly help you get noticed, if it lacks quality, substance or relevance you’ll find yourself working harder than necessary! Be sure what you circulate is accurate, helpful and timely otherwise you’ll only sabotage your efforts for getting more visitors to your site! As stated earlier, if you start to gain a reputation, good or bad, word gets around fast online and if what you publish offers little value, people will tend to disregard it!

Don’t Forget Imagery

The use of visual content, in all forms, is very popular with viewers and another great way to engage or entertain them! Pictures, videos, gifs, memes or even info-graphics do wonders for capturing the eye of viewers who are tired of reading text online! They say a picture is worth a thousand words so it is safe to assume you can easily deliver your message using imagery of any type provided it’s relevant in how you use it!

Discussing what it takes to create high quality content that will get visitors to your site, or keep them from leaving, can be summed up in the 5 components above! The importance of content has grown on the internet because people search for information they can use, and if you can give it to them they tend to come back looking for more! As an entrepreneur or even someone promoting a cause, the best way to deliver your message is through the publication of engaging content, in all forms, provided what you publish is relevant to your needs!

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