5 Amazing Benefits of Planning YOU Need to Know

By organizing your daily activities each and every day you put yourself in the position to enjoy the life enhancing benefits of planning! When you take the time to organize your day, be it for work or otherwise, you essentially are taking control of your life by scheduling, in advance, what you want to do and how you’re going to do it! Planning in this way keeps you focused on the most important things you need to get done but there still remains less obvious reasons as to why you need to plan your day!

Below let’s now discuss 5 great benefits you can expect to experience when you approach each and every day with a plan…

Creative Intelligence Allowed

It’s extremely difficult if not impossible to think creatively when your body and mind are occupied with tasks at hand! Allowing time for thought and planning eliminates other distractions or ‘busy work’ so that your mind can determine the best path for you to take to achieve your goals! The planning process keeps you focused on determining what are the most important things you need to address and the most effective and/or creative way to do so!

Thoughts are Organized

As mentioned previously developing plans on a daily, weekly or monthly basis allows you to approach your work or the days events with a ‘singular’ focus on achieving the goals you set for that day! This helps relieve you of any mental clutter caused by having objectives to achieve but not knowing when or how you will do so! Not only does planning help you organize your day but it also helps you take more control of your life because you’ve identified what needs to be done and how you’re going to go about it! Having your thoughts organized like this allows you to focus on ONLY what your plans intends for you to address on any given day! Better focus equals greater productivity!

Actions are Efficient

As mentioned above there are two fundamental components to every plan, WHAT you need to address and just as important, the BEST WAY to do so! Giving PRIOR thought to exactly how you intend to accomplish almost anything in the planning process will only serve to make your actions that much more effective as well as efficient!

Progress Is Made

There is a saying that goes the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results! Well this can also be said about folks who ‘stay too busy’ to take the time for planning or to step back and evaluate the results of their efforts! Sound like you? What good are your efforts if you don’t observe and/or measure your results? Staying busy does NOT always mean your being productive! On the other hand the planning process allows for you to observe, evaluate and make changes to not only your goals, but the actions you intend to use to achieve them! When your actions are effective it only stands to reason progress will be made!

Stress Is Managed

Sorting out your day with a solid plan helps you get a better perspective on what you’re doing and how to do it better! This relieves and even sometimes eliminates the stress associated with not knowing what to do next or how you’re going to do it! Knowing, in advance, what to concentrate on keeps you focused and therefore more productive thereby disrupting any negative thoughts or doubts that may creep into your mind! This will definitely reduce your stress levels which is great because quite simply, stress can kill you!

One of the major benefits of planning is that it keeps you focused on your day to day priorities, but as we discussed above, it doesn’t stop there! Taking the time to organize your day with a simple plan brings ‘order’ to an otherwise chaotic series of events, activities or otherwise purposeful tasks and/or responsibilities! Having a well thought out plan helps you take more control of your life by allowing you to be more proactive with your time and focus! This helps minimize or even eliminate any confusion, frustration or feelings of overwhelm typically associated with approaching most anything without an established strategy or plan! The 5 benefits reviewed above are something every person would enthusiastically welcome into their lives and all result from simply having a plan! Are you ready to take more control of your life? If so, it all starts with a plan!


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