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Writers block is a dreaded nemesis that can affect even the best of authors but it is particularly frustrating for those who write articles. A novelist can take years to produce a single book that when published can pay them for years to come. For someone who writes articles their productivity is measured more by the frequency of their output making any disruption to the writing process more damaging.

What we are going to explore here is how to use these annoying mental blocks that keep you from writing articles to your advantage.

Here is a list of 5 ways to actually benefit from your inability to write articles due to any inexplicable and inevitable mental barriers.


The most common and initial response to writer’s block for many is to re-evaluate what it is they are trying to write about or who they are trying to reach. At this point you are searching for ideas or some type of stimulation to re-ignite the writing process. In a way you are ‘starting all over’ by focusing on the core of your original intentions. This process tends to get you back on track!


The ‘temporary’ stall caused by writer’s block motivates you to ‘rethink’ your approach which helps you to create new ideas and angles to write about. Often times when writing you can get ‘caught up’ in the writing process and thereby lulled into a routine. This can prevent you from thinking outside the box and as a result minimize your creative thinking abilities. The frustration and ‘down’ time associated with writer’s block serves to motivate your creativity in an attempt to stimulate your forward progress once again.


The writing ‘routine’ can allow you to drift from your main focus as you chase after ‘tangents’ created by the ‘stream’ of articles you have been composing.

During the ‘lull’ you experience with writer’s block you tend to re-evaluate your situation. The questions ‘what am I trying to do’ or ‘whom am I trying to reach’ come back into the picture VIVIDLY as you rediscover your focus.

World Conquering Confidence

After an ‘episode’ of writer’s block you can finally get back ‘on track’ to writing articles for traffic generation purposes. Having the knowledge that you were able to overcome your inability to think or write creatively helps to restore and strengthen your own confidence. The mindset ‘been there done that’ sets in and you know how to manage these mental blocks when they strike again.

Discover New Resources

Working your way through those inevitable times when mental blocks stall your progress normally results in you finding new resources for writing material. Whether it is a different way of thinking or a new source of information you are now better prepared to write than you were before.

Writers block is an occupational hazard for any author but in particular someone who writes articles on a regular basis. Any disruption to the writing process can result in a significant loss of productivity and most likely income as well. It is not always easy to quickly overcome these temporary mental barriers therefore it is wise to learn how to benefit from them. The 5 approaches we reviewed above demonstrate how to use the ‘process’ we go through in overcoming writers block to our advantage. By recognizing what it is we learn during these periods of frustration we can apply these lessons to make our future efforts more productive.

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