5 Advantages of Long Form Content

Long form content is considered to be any article that contains, approximately, more than 1000 words! Now why would any author want to increase the length of their articles in this day and age of extremely low attention spans? Well publishing content has proven to be one of the best ways to increase sales and the more information readers find within the same article, the less amount of time they’ll spend searching! For writers, the more information they publish the more research they’ll need to do and research is the best way to become an authority in your field! Lengthier articles also tend to get better search engine results as well but there still remains other advantages you can expect from publishing longer form content!

Let’s now discuss 5 advantageous reasons to use lengthier content as part of your marketing strategy online.

More (Comprehensive) Information

With longer length articles, post or other types of content it stands to reason the more you write the more information to be found within the context! Even the search engines have algorithms that help determine whether the context of your content is just ‘fluff’ or good solid quality information! In fact the more quality information you pack into your content, the better search engine ranking you’ll receive!

Deeper (Longer) Engagement

Have you ever read a long well written book that you could just not put down? Well the same goes for longer form content that contains relevant and interesting information! The higher the quality and the longer the length typically results in deeper and longer lasting reader engagement! Actually the best way to become an authority in your field is by researching and creating very comprehensive and fact filled content! You’ll impress people with what you know and you’ll also learn more by doing research! Also engaging readers for a longer period of time means visitors will spend more time on your site…

More (Social) Shares

The more ‘engaging’ the content the more social shares you’re likely to have and this too will get you better search engine results! Now understand, just because your content is longer in length does NOT automatically make it engaging! It’s the quality of the information found within the context of what you’ve created that makes it so engaging so dig in and get use to doing research, you’ll be glad you did! For marketers circulating content that is shared is a great way to get noticed as well as one of the best ways to increase sales provided your content remains relevant to your business or cause!

More (Inbound) Links

The more your content is shared, the more people will likely link to it and these in-bound links will also help give you a better search engine ranking! At this point not only are you getting more free traffic from search engines but you’re also increased your exposure by virtue of having links to your site located on various sites found on the web! This gives you the ‘opportunity’ to siphon away some of the traffic that lands on those sites as well!

Displays Authority

Quite simply the more you know and share, the greater the authority you are regarded to be in that particular field! Now, as you ‘evolve’ into more of a role of an influencer, magical things can really start to happen in terms of traffic to your site and marketing effectiveness! Once you’ve become an authority people tend to seek you out for advice, suggestions and to simply endorse their business! Your profile is now very high as is the amount of influence you have over the people in your target audience!

Using long form content, as discussed above, does offer certain advantages such as better search engine results! The only drawback for authors who opt for longer length articles is the time it takes to do the research since you do want to offer value to readers! At the same time however, doing research does help you become an authority in your field and the length of your articles tend to increase your credibility with readers! It therefore seems that as more readers desire ‘meatier’ articles in terms of words and information you as an author need to roll up your sleeves and ‘crank’ out some really informative content! Remember, publishing really good content is one of the best ways to increase sales and all indications are that the longer the article, the better the results!

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