5 Advantageous Reasons to Blog for Business

There are many reasons to blog but the one we’re going to address here today is why you should be blogging about your business! Not only is blogging a great way to create and publish content that can be seen online but as a business, it is also a very effective way to get visitors to your site which of course is the ultimate goal, but wait, there’s more!

Here are 5 outstanding reasons and benefits you can expect to experience as a professional blogger or rather one who gets paid to blog!


Developing your platform into a seo friendly presence online is relatively simple since blogs are built to be updated much more often than conventional websites and search engines love fresh content! Other simple ‘tech free’ tactics bloggers can use to boost their seo efforts is by adding targeted keywords, more pages and incoming links! These platforms may seem overly simplistic to maintain but don’t be fooled, the results you get, provided you properly maintain your blog, will amaze you!

Direct Your Visitors

Visitors to your site, many of which you should get from search engine traffic if you properly maintain your blog, will read your posts and look around giving you the opportunity to direct them elsewhere by placing links on your site! This allows you to present product offers or even to simply collect contact information for building your email list which is even a more valuable business asset since you now have the contact info of people who already showed an interest in what you do or offer!

Chance to Introduce Yourself

Your bio page is a great way to explain to visitors your reasons for blogging, the business you’re in and of course why you’re in it! Now instead of viewing a faceless website, people are better able to gain some ‘insight’ into the person behind the blog! By humanizing your site in this way makes visitors more comfortable and of course familiar with both your site and YOU! Now your blog has more of a human element to it as opposed to being a cold faceless digital depository for content and sales pitches!

Your Own a Piece of the Web

Having a blog gives you internet real estate that you can control and personalize! This is especially valuable if you are using social media for traffic and exposure purposes! Of course having interesting content to offer on your site makes it so much easier to engage people as well thereby increasing the chances they will return! Last but not least is having a site online does lend a bit of legitimacy to both you and your business!

Another benefit your blogging offers you is the ability to practice a ‘core’ skill you’ll need for marketing your business online and that is writing! For more about this let’s hear from Ian Billingham on why you need to practice your skills to improve them and in case you’re wondering, writing is a skill and NOT a talent you’re born with…


One of the biggest reasons to blog for business is it’s a very effective way to be seen on the internet all on a platform that is relatively easy to maintain! As our discussion above points out, blogging for business offers other significant benefits and/or advantages as well but we must NOT lose sight of the ultimate goal which is to get visitors to your site! The more people you can build a relationship with or make product offers to, the better for your business, and each reason reviewed above here today for business blogging ALL combine to help you to do both!


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