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Online content marketing is a very effective way to increase your exposure and build credibility all at the same time. Creating content that you can distribute around the internet does involve a bit more effort than some other strategies but the benefits are longer lasting. In order to make the most out of your efforts when publishing content like this however there are certain ‘requirements’ you will want your content to fulfill.

Here are the 3 main objectives you want to achieve every time when creating content that you intend to distribute on the internet.


Any material that you circulate in an effort to create awareness or promote something should display some sort of relevancy to what you are representing. Now this is not to say every piece of content needs to be directly related but it should at least have a remote connection to your theme, business or cause. Remember when creating content that it will ultimately reflect back upon you and/or your cause.

Over time this will brand you therefore you will want to maintain a consistent pattern of related information for your efforts to be more effective.


This may very well be the most important objective your content should meet since once again it will reflect back upon you or what it is you are representing. If you make a habit of publishing content that contains inaccuracies your credibility will shrivel up leaving your efforts counter-productive. Both you personally and your business profitability will suffer. You are much better off doing nothing as opposed to creating or publishing content that is unreliable.

Accuracy is always your first priority when using content for mass distribution like this.

Useful Information

The information you circulate should always have the potential of ‘serving’ the reader in some form or fashion. Useful information can be something that is informative, insightful or even humorous. Yes humor does have its use! If the content you distribute does not serve any purpose for the reader than it will be given little or no regard. The result is it will do nothing to build credibility or contribute to the growth or awareness of your cause.

Using content marketing as a strategy to gain exposure and build credibility on the internet can be very effective is done correctly. By routinely publishing content you can gain a lot of authority within your own niche but certain conditions of the information you circulate must first be met. When creating content you want to be sure it meets the 3 objectives we spoke of here today. In doing so you are ensuring that your efforts will have the positive effect you are seeking on both your business and your credibility. Publishing content that does not meet these objectives will likely do more damage than good and therefore is best left unpublished.

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