25 Topics of Interest for Social Media Use

Are you having difficulty finding topics of interest you can use to engage others on social media? This is a ‘challenge’ many face when trying to connect with others on many social sites found online. The simple fact is if your social media strategy lacks a plan or means for developing engaging content you can use to make an impression or get the attention of others it may be time to reconsider your approach! How many times did you attempt to enter into or even dominate a conversion on social media only to find out your own conversion was either boring or simply lacked relevance for those you were addressing? Felt kinda invisible didn’t you? Well this does NOT need to be the case with the right planning and of course relevant and engaging content!

The video below from Josh over at Video Share offers you 25 ‘template’ suggestions you can use for developing the engaging content you need to dominate at your favorite social media sites!


Finding topics of interest tends to be one of the more challenging aspects of capturing the attention of others when navigating online social communities! Whether you’re trying to become a thought leader or promote your own business, your best bet is to have relevant and engaging content prepared so you can share this with those of whom you’re trying to connect! Planning your content should be a HUGE part of any social media strategy and the video above has given you a ‘template’ of 25 ideas you can use to further develop into the type of engaging content that WILL resonate with your particular target audience! Thanks to Josh from Video Share for his thoughts, tips and suggestions!


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