Monthly Archives: May 2011

Managing Blog Comments ‘Hands On’

Blog comments are a sign your content is being read and that it is also getting a reaction out of your readers, which is great!
When people post comments you want to review what is being said and respond if necessary but this can take time so what do you do?
Read more to see 3 suggestions any blog master can use to better manage comments on their site in a time efficient manner.

Blog Marketing – Choose Passion Over Popularity

When entering the field of blog marketing many choose the popularity of a niche as the basis upon which to build their theme.
Now short term this may seem like the right thing to do since it may be easier to generate traffic, but that is over the short term.
Read on to see why it is wise from both a financial and effort standpoint to base your blog theme on something you have a passion for!

5 Very Powerful Online Branding Strategies 3

Online branding is an essential step towards establishing any internet business with goals of long term success.
Developing a recognizable online presence will serve to help increase your marketing effectiveness along with a strong and loyal following.
Read further to discover 5 of the most powerful yet simple to implement strategies you can use to establish your brand!

Becoming the Best Blog Master You Can Be! 1

Having a popular blog means that you as the site owner are keeping your readers happy enough they continue to return.
It also stands to reason that your readers are likely referring your site to others which increases your blog traffic.
Read more to see the 3 patterns of behavior most popular blogs consistently uphold to ensure their visitors enjoy a positive experience