Monthly Archives: September 2010

Increasing Your Productivity on a Home Business Blog 7

The blogging business involves many responsibilities involving the maintenance of the blog and keeping the blog reader happy.
To be really effective at fulfilling all these responsibilities the blogger needs to learn how to increase their own work productivity.
Read on to discover 5 principles every blogger needs to become familiar with and practice to experience maximum success with their blog.

Writing Strategies for Creating Viral Content 3

Content marketing calls for the need to develop writing strategies that will produce the viral content needed to get the very best results.
Producing useful information can take time therefore when publishing content you want people to enjoy and circulate your work.
Read more to see 5 suggested strategies you can use to produce content that will go ‘viral’ online giving you maximum exposure!

3 Branding Strategies to Boost Your Business! 12

Working online can be very competitive, however, by successfully implementing a few branding strategies you can give yourself an edge.
By building a business brand you will stand apart from the other online marketers.
Read further to see 3 strategies that are simple to implement that will help you develop a money making online brand.

How to Write Good Copy with Less Hype! 3

One of the first steps in learning how to write good sales copy is to recognize the quality of your efforts is reflected in the results.
A copy writer that is effective at their craft always strives to first connect with their readers.
Read on to see the 3 things you need to avoid when composing copy to make your efforts more effective and results more rewarding.