Monthly Archives: August 2010

Improve Your Writing Skills – Write Less and Say More! 12

The ability to write less and say more is one of the best writing skills you can develop to increase the popularity of your articles.
Simply put short articles are popular with readers as long as the content delivers some value to them.
Read on to see how your involvement in social networking, blog posting and even writing emails can help improve your writing skills.

5 Content Development Strategies for Online Marketers 22

Using content for site building and promotional purposes is a very effective online marketing strategy.
This particular marketing method does require a continuous supply of fresh content in order for it to be effective however.
Read more to discover 5 content development strategies you can use to keep you well supplied with all the content you will ever need.

5 Popular Blog Styles Readers Favor! 4

When creating a blog some attention should be given to the format or ‘style’ in which you are going to deliver your content.
In looking at many of the most popular blogs online there are certain formats that readers’ seem to favored more than others.
Read on to see 5 of the most popular blog styles from which you can choose to model your own blog after.

5 Blogging Tips for Developing a Unique Identity 9

When establishing a blog it is wise to allow your site to assume its own personality to help it stand out from the others.
Developing a unique identity is one of the best ways to attract any blog traffic to your site.
Read further to see 5 blogging tips that will help you establish the uniqueness you will need in order to achieve any type of blog success.

Blog Posting – Quality vs. Quantity – You Decide! 6

Blog posting is one of the most important elements to take into consideration during the early stages of the blog building process.
The question here is how important is the frequency of any new blog entries AFTER the site has developed a steady following.
Read further to view the pros and cons between a frequent or periodic posting schedule and it possible effect on the content and readers.