Monthly Archives: May 2010

Blogging Tips – 5 Cardinal Sins to Avoid 9

When creating a blog there are certain things you must NOT do or they will severely sabotage your blog building efforts.
The blogging business can be a lot of fun and very lucrative but only if you got the credibility and traffic and this doesn’t happen overnight.
Read more to see the 5 worse actions you can take or beliefs you can hold that will destroy your attempts at building a successful blog.

When Creating a Blog Develop Your Own Writing Style 9

When creating a blog one thing you do want to do is to work on developing your own style of writing from the very start.
Having your own unique way of writing will help to ‘brand’ you with your readers and give your blog more originality and flavor.
Read more to discover 3 compelling reasons why you need your own writing style when blogging and how it can help boost your traffic.

5 Blogging Tips for Firmly Establishing Your Blog 108

If you want to develop a popular blog within your niche there are certain fundamentals you need to follow to increase your traffic.
The most important aspect of achieving this popularity within your niche is attracting and gaining the loyalty of the blog reader.
Read further to see the 5 ‘grass roots’ blogging tips you can not ignore if you want a blog that has a HUGE following.

Increasing Squeeze Page Conversion Rates 18

Your squeeze page is the most important tool you have to use when building a list of customers and prospects online.
A common challenge with squeeze pages however can be the page visitors’ reluctance to leave their contact information.
Read on to discover 3 simple yet powerful adjustments you can make on your squeeze page that can significantly increase the opt-in rate.

Blogging to Make Money Requires the Right Mindset 18

Blogging to make money involves more than just ‘slapping’ up a blog and expecting the money to ‘roll’ in.
When creating a blog in order to earn an income your efforts need to be focused while making your intentions clear to the blog reader.
Read more to see how maintaining a clear and consistent focus on your earning intentions will help you to make money quicker with a blog.