Monthly Archives: December 2009

7 Ways to Sabotage Your Blogging Business 13

The blogging business can be very competitive and especially if you are blogging to make money so minimizing errors is a priority.
Many bloggers commit common mistakes that seem innocent enough but they have a huge negative impact on the blog itself.
If you want to have one of the most popular blogs in your niche find out what errors you may be making that hurt the growth of your blog.

Developing Blog Traffic with Product Reviews 57

Attracting blog traffic is crucial to the success of anyone who uses this web 2.0 platform for marketing on the internet.
A common means to generate blog sales is by posting reviews of affiliate products therefore these posts need to be effective.
Read more to discover 3 tips you can use when posting reviews that will help place your readers in a buying mood thereby increasing sales.

5 Ways to Generate Topics for Article Writing 31

Although article writing is a great way to generate traffic online it is common to hit a slump where it is hard to find a topic to write about.
If you write articles then you know what I am talking about and in a word it is FRUSTRATING!
Read more to learn 5 tips that work great in helping to generate tons of new topics which can easily be turned into very interesting articles.

3 Ways to Maintain Fresh Quality Content 81

The constant need for quality content is vital to the success of just about any online entity whether it operates for a profit or not.
Readers demand a continuous flow of useful information and this can present a challenge to site owners trying to meet this demand.
Read here to discover 3 ways in which you can uncover an endless supply of good information to use that will keep your readers happy.

Blog Marketing Holds 3 Distinct Advantages 36

Blog marketing holds several distinct advantages for online entrepreneurs when it comes to promoting goods and services on the internet.
For one a blog platform is more search engine friendly than a ‘conventional’ website which gives it a ‘natural’ boost in search rankings.
Read more to discover 3 compelling benefits you can enjoy by using a blog as your primary marketing platform online.