2 Blog Improvements Your Visitors Will Love

When the speaking about blog improvements our first inclination is focus on how to get people to read what you wrote because without traffic what’s the sense behind your efforts? Well there’s no debate that the content you publish is the heart and soul of your blog but there still exist 2 ways you can ‘dress’ up your site to make it more appealing and more likely people will in fact read what you wrote! Today we’re going to address how the skin or theme you select for your blog as well as the fonts you use can make a dramatic difference in both attracting and engaging visitors to your site!

As we find ourselves already one month into the new year let’s take a quick review of some very useful WordPress Themes you may want to consider to ‘wrap’ around your blog to help increase its functionality!

8 Useful WordPress Themes To Check Out This Year

Choosing the right WordPress theme should be easy. But that’s not always the case. Beginners don’t always know what to look for in a theme.

Selecting a (new) theme for your blog that works well for building your business is a great start so now let’s focus on what type of fonts you should use! The following article ‘reveals’ that different fonts actually hold and/or project different psychological meanings to those who view them! Continue reading to discover how YOU can select the absolute perfect fonts that best reflect the intended purpose of both your blog and the posts found within!

What’s the Best Font For Your Site? (The Psychology of Fonts …

A simple font change, and people estimated that directions would take … library ( that gives you more font options than many other WordPress themes). …… Is there an easy way to change font size…

Read More…

Gaining a better understanding of the impact different fonts may have in terms of the ’emotional triggers’ they give off is obviously the key to what you choose to use when blogging! Now let’s explore how to easily change font styles and size when using WordPress as your blogging platform in the video below…

The 2 blog improvements spoken about above concern not only the impact of fonts you use or how to change them, but also very useful WordPress themes that will increase the appeal and functionality of your site! As a blogger, no matter what your intentions may be, you ultimately want to do what you can to get people to read what you wrote, and this should NOT stop at traffic generation! Once visitors do arrive, you want to present to them a pleasing and appropriate blogging theme that serves as a ‘gateway’ to a site whose content is being delivered with fonts that ‘target’ the right social triggers for your visitors! The discussion above was meant to more deeply explain how different fonts target different emotional triggers so that the fonts you use will be the most appropriate and effective for your purpose! The themes presented above are all considered highly functional and up to date blogging skins as well that will increase both the appeal and functionality of your platform! This should help to further entice visitors to stick around and read what you wrote, which in the end is what you want! Now don’t you have some new content to develop?


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